“CELTIC IN MIND” 1989 - 90


PRESS RELEASE Time as cyclical event where future directions are drawn from Celtic myths and emblems existing long ago. Faces as graven images, masks, confront the viewer inviting comparison with the living flesh of those today whose present begins with the past. The Celtic spirit flows with the seasons changes whose rhythms echo in the soundscore uniting traditional music and song with sounds from nature.

Tracing the nature of the 'Celt' through past mythology and imagery to present and future possibilities
Anna Ridley, Television Interventions, April 19 1990, Fields and Frames Productions, Channel 4

I am the dark spring running here
I am the wind on the water
the circles in the sacred spring
spinning the spiral of life
into the centre of the soul
I am a hawk on the cliff
I am a salmon in the pool
I am the strength of art
I am the source of the soul
I am the serpent of the stream, swimming,
the healer and the destroyer
resilient serpent
sensuous snake
interlacing signs into the mind's eye
into the sanctuary of the soul

'Celtic in Mind' sound track 1990 drawn from ancient Celtic texts

Broadcast nationally on Channel 4 Television and shown widely at Video Festivals both here and abroad

Four minute video tape combining original drawings, photographs using the Quantel Paintbox with live action and animation. Created and performed by the artist. Paintbox assistant Cavan Convery. Producer Anna Ridley, Series Producer Jane Rigby. A Fields and Frames Production. With thanks to Steve Partridge and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art

COMMISSION Channel 4 Television.